How to read my blog

I know professional bloggers always publish their latest content to at the top of the blog (and promote it on all their social media platforms) so followers can see what’s happened since their last visit.

Unfortunately, I’m no professional blogger.

I’ve always been more of a rebel queen, doing things my way, than someone who follows instruction or protocol. This is pretty evident here in my blog too. I see this as my digital scrapbook where I add thoughts and memories as I go along. Which inevitably leads to problems with chronology.

Sometimes, like when I find an old memory in the shape of a ticket or a post card or even a hand written letter, it makes most sense to put it where it belongs in between all the other memories. And that is mainly how I treat my blog posts too. If I’m uploading something that I think my readers might enjoy, I may put it at the front for a week or two before placing it where it belongs. but that is exception more than reality,

I sincerely hope my lack of proper blogging decorum doesn’t make it too difficult to read my posts. I am well aware that time is precious and I am truly grateful that you choose to spend some of yours reading my words. To help matters a little, I have placed a little calendar in the right hand column that serves some kind of blog bingo function. For each day where something is published, the date, in bold cloudberry colour, is a link to the post(s). I also try to link to, and between, posts when something I post is related to, or reminds me of, a previous post.

But, you know what?

It’s not the end of the world if you miss a post or two. I’m no Salman Rushdie whose eloquent words can change people’s lives.

I promise.

But thanks to the blogosphere and the times we live in I get to publish my work just the same.

I am beyond grateful!