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Thus the countdown begins.

Can you believe we’re halfway through January

already? So far, this new year has not instilled

much hope in me, yet here we are. At the midpoint

of the first month of 2022.

It’s true. These first two weeks haven’t exactly helped alleviate the sense of impending doom and gloom I’ve been wrestling for the past two years. It comes and goes, and it always gets worse over the holidays and special family days.

I’m still unusually, and uncharacteristically, unhappy with the state of the world; but I growl enough about that in my cabin on Quarterdeck, so I won’t chew your ears off here. In my professional blog.

Yes, you heard that right.

This post is just a teeny tiny peek into something much bigger. You see, I wanted to check what this page would look like without those uninspired Lorem Ipsum placeholders we normally use. And, to be completely honest, the truth is I find white space irresistible.

Whether it’s on a sheet of paper, in a notebook, or on a web page, the white space calls out to me. Words want to be written. Stories want to be told. And my fingers yearn for the soft feeling of keys against their tips.

What can I say; I am finally old enough to know that resistance is futile. My muse is a hard taskmistress, and the itch of writing is real.


Mission accomplished. We have a little blog post for my semi-open blog spot, and just like that, I have claimed another white space for my words.  

Utterly satisfying! 😉

But now, my friend, I need to get back to the practicalities; or we won’t be celebrating the Big Reveal until next spring. And that would be a shame.

Thanks for stopping by! Don’t be a stranger now – pop in for a break and a natter, and watch my site grow into its own, whenever you have a moment.

Much love and many blessings,