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A LOT LIKE DUCK POOP? Pinterest pin

A lot like duck poop… We have reached the middle of April, and I have to say I’ve never seen anything like it. Every night I think that, surely, tomorrow at least must bring us a calmer day. Yet, every morning, that sliver of optimism fades as last night’s news begin to light up my screen.

You simply cannot polish poop into something more palatable.

But what really gets me about this mad situation is that it seems to be (almost) as bad everywhere. Yes, of course, some countries do have larger numbers of sick and dying people, and other countries seem to have given up on the idea of taking control altogether. Whatever happens behind the scenes, it sure looks like they either had no disaster preparedness at all, which seems a little hard to believe; or they coldly tallied the numbers and came to the conclusion that allowing “nature to take its course” would be the more economically advantageous option. 

No, I’m afraid it really does look like duck poop no matter how I look at it.

Is this actually happening? Are we really living in a time when the horrors our grandparents testified about are coming back to bite our backsides? And if so, Are we seriously living in a time where between 25 and 50 per cent of the population think that is okay? Or even something to strive for?

I don’t know if there’s something wrong with me, but I find it incredibly difficult to understand that there are people who, in all seriousness, believe it’s okay for other people to get hurt. That it’s ok if they suffer, are tormented and/or die. People who don’t care if children have to go without food in their stomachs or clothes on their bodies. Or sit in cages, not knowing if they’ll ever see their families again. This total lack of humanity scares me more than I have words to explain.


If you found your way to this post, I guess you know that 2020 was meant to be the year when I started moving my blogs, and all the other texts I’ve written, to the personal domains here on my fictional pirate ship. And I suppose I am, really, if we want to be perfectly honest (which I suppose we do), but this is not what I had imagined it would be like when I first made those plans.

Obviously, I’m ever so grateful to have this monster project to contend with. It stops the news feed from devouring me. And, to be fair, if it wasn’t for this work I’d probably be lying here lost for the world, just staring at the ceiling, sighing and making low moaning noises.

It hurts something fierce to be dealing with so much grief, pain and misery every single day.

But on the flip side, my work gives me some semblance of peace and mental rest. It contains plenty of monotonous steps, like where I basically just sit lie here and download, or upload, media files. Then I sort them into folders that (hopefully) will help me keep track of what files I have and where they are supposed to be published. Or it may be page building, or page maintenance, which is another monotonous task. Here I do a lot of things that aren’t visible, then I log them in excel sheets to keep a record of what I’ve done and what I need to do next.

My favourite moments? I have two. The top moments of my day are my video conversations with the frog prince. [1] And the second favourite is picking up a random text from my archives to read, remember and (perchance) edit. I go through each text to make sure that it fits into the new format I have decided to plant it in.

As so often in my life, when I look around me, I am blown away by how lucky I have been.

Things could be so bad right now. But instead, I find myself in a position where I can step away from the horror and find rest and solace in the little things. This brings me immense joy and it makes me feel endless gratitude. Life can be good even in the midst of a pandemic. Hard and painful, but good nevertheless. 

And with that thought on my mind, I will now return to my work. I’m so slow, but I’m making steady progress. And I’m still hopeful. If I can stay corona-free, and continue my daily grind, the walls and shelves here in the Coaching Couch foyer should begin to fill up in the autumn. (I have a “dream date” fixed in my head, so we’ll see whether I can hit it.)

Before the turn of the year, I also hope to be able to start working on the coaching cabins for business, life & success and writing. Which means I have to put an end to this little break now and get a move on.

Big hugs to you, my friend, and thank you for popping in to see me today!

// Evalena🌱

      1. The frog prince is but one of many name I use to refer to my sidekick. My bestie. My grandson, Jonah.